Monday, October 30, 2006

Hype: Night People hits Scottish cinemas

Night People, the debut feature by writer-director Adrian Mead, gets a Scottish cinema release this week. I'd post a bunch of pictures to show you what it looks like, but Blogger's been spurning my efforts to upload visuals lately. Instead, here's what other people have said about Night People, details of where you can go and see it, and a little background to the film itself...

Night People - winner of the BAFTA Scotland Audience Award 2005 • On release in Scotland from Friday, 3rd November 2006.

"A lushly photographed portrait of the night time ecosystem of a modern city. Night People is a very moving account of a network of care and disregard. It is brutally honest but full of hope. A gleaming film of real power and insight."
MARK COUSINS, broadcaster, film writer, author: The Story of Film

Great characters, cracking script…. Four stars!

See a trailer for Night People here.

EDINBURGH • Tues 31st Oct • Filmhouse, time 8pm. Showing as part of the Reels Scottish/Irish Film festival for one night only.

EDINBURGH Cineworld (UGC) Fountainbridge • Fri 3rd Nov • On release for at least a week.

GLASGOW From Sun 5th Nov - Tues 7th Nov Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT), Rose St.
Sun 5.15pm • Mon 1.45pm • Tues 8.40pm – Scottish Screenwriter meeting before at 6.30pm, a chance to hear from Robbie Allen (new development exec at Scottish Screen) and also from Karen O’Hare about GMAC’s plans for the future.


Night People takes us on a journey across the city of Edinburgh, introducing a cast of characters for whom there will be no sleep. Each of them is faced with a dilemma that ranges from the hilarious to the heartbreaking and they have until the next morning to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Stewart is struggling to be a good, single Dad. He's just acquired a large, pedigree dog he thinks he can sell for £500 and so give his soon to be eight-year-old son the best birthday ever.

Matthew is a missionary to Scotland, all the way from Africa and guilty of the sin of pride. He meets Mary who will challenge and perhaps restore his faith, but it's going to take all night.

Thirteen-year-old David is on the run. He's waiting for the first bus to London. At the bus station he meets Josh, a world-weary seventeen-year-old rent boy who may be able to show him a new life.

Jane has been let down by her babysitter and has her five year old daughter Alison in the back of the taxi she drives for a living, though this is no ordinary taxi. She spins a fairytale to keep Alison amused, but finally has to decide just who she's kidding.

A blind man is struggling across the city on the last journey he promised to a dear friend. He runs out of energy and looks for a taxi, he finds Jane.

Night People brings together an exceptional cast of newcomers to tell a tale of hope.

Director: Adrian Mead • Producer: Clare Kerr
Writers: Jack Dickson and Adrian Mead
Cast: Anthony Beselle, Katrina Bryan, Alan Mccafferty, Kellyanne Farquhar, Anthony Martin, Michael Mackenzie, Neil Mackay, Cara Shandley.
Executive Producers: Carole Sheridan and Agnes Wilkie

A MeadKerr Production for Scottish Screen, Scottish Television and Grampian Television. New Found Films 2005

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