Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Fat Plug: Lancaster Comics Con Oct. 28th!

The first annual Lancaster Comics Convention will take place in the Ashton Memorial in the grounds of Williamson Park on October 28th 2006. The event will promote both the small comics press and include guest appearances by some North England-based professional comics creators. With the very healthy small press comics scene in the UK (and beyond), both in print and online, this event will be part convention and part art exhibition and an ideal event for the small press to publicise and promote their books and merchandise.

The event will provide a showcase for local North-west creators and increase public interest in their work and, hopefully, also serve to open up new markets for creators who are based in the south of England. In addition there will be some special guests making appearances, and there will be competitions with prizes to be won.

The event will be publicised all over the North-west, in comic shops and the two large Universities in Lancaster itself, as well as other Universities in nearby Preston, Manchester and Liverpool. Find out more by going here, folks!

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