Friday, September 01, 2006

Highly recommended: Bone by Jeff Smith

If you're a comics reader, you've probably heard of Bone. If not, boy, have you been missing out! It's a stunning story for kids and adults alike, full of likeable characters and exciting adventures. Bone was written and drawn by Jeff Smith, an unfeasibly talented [and tall] guy. I bought my first issues of Bone while visiting Vienna more than a decade ago, and had to wait the best part of a decade for Smith to finish the 1300-page story.

You're lucky, you can go out and find the whole thing in one complete volume, as that's just been reprinted. Bone was originally published in black and white, but Scholastic is produced a lovingly coloured version that's just as good. That's coming out in smaller chunks and makes perfect bedtime reading for the nippers. Anyways, you can find out more about Bone and Jeff Smith by visiting his blog here.

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Lee said...

Ah, but could he take Dave Sim in a fight?