Saturday, September 23, 2006

Books by David Bishop that I didn't write

Having a common as muck name as I do, I frequently stumble across books written by David Bishop for which I am not the author. I mean, I've given a pretty good account of myself thus far - 16 novels published, a fistful of omnibus editions featuring my work out soon and a clutch of non-fiction tomes too. But my various namesakes have also been busy, it would seem. Below are a few of the books by David Bishop that I didn't write. You've got to admire any author called Denzil Lush. Also, can I swap careers with the David Bishop who writes pop-up books about dinosaurs?
Elderly Clients: A Precedent Manual by Helen Clarke, Denzil Lush, and David Bishop
Heart Throb (Harlequin Intrigue, No 323) by David Bishop
The Wheel of Ideals by David Bishop
100 Walks in Cheshire by David Bishop
Valentine's Child (Silhouette Special Edition, No 1086) by David Bishop and Natalie Bishop
Cohabitation: Law, Practice And Precedents by David Bishop, Denzil Lush, and Helen Wood
Introduction to Cryptography with Java Applets by David Bishop
Hamlet's Clashing Ideals by David Bishop
Hot Blooded (Harlequin Intrigue, No 22314) by David Bishop
My First Pop Up Book of Prehistoric Animals by David Bishop
Princess Of Coldwater Flat (Silhouette Special Edition, No 882) by David Bishop
Best Pastas (Bon Appetit, Volume Two) by David Bishop
Poems and prairie songs (Midwest poetry library)
by David A Bishop
American Orchid Society Awards, 1932-1992 by James R. Fisher and David A. Bishop
My First Pop-Up Book of Dinosaurs by David Bishop
History of the forest preserves of Winnebago County, Illinois by David Bishop
Spermatozoan Motility, a Symposium Organized By the American Society of Zoologists, by David Bishop


Anonymous said...

101 Ways To Tell When A Blog's Running Into Trouble.

#47: "Here's stuff I found on Google about people with the same name as me."

David Bishop said...

Gosh! Really? Does that mean I've already worked my way through the first 46 signs that Vicious Imagery is running into trouble? Which ones were they?