Monday, September 04, 2006

Bic Runga wows on last night of Edinburgh fest.

Edinburgh's festival season for 2006 ended with a bang last night - and no, I'm not talking about the fireworks display. Went to see chanteuse Bic Runga perform at Cabaret Voltaire, my second night out of the festival. She played a solo set for an hour, wowing the sold out crowd with her songs and charming stage persona. She took requests from the crowd, of which Sway was inevitably the one people asked for first. It's still her best known song after more than a decade, having been featured on the soundtrack to the hit film American Pie.

I was standing at the front for the gig and enjoyed every minute. Hell, I even got my request sung - Blue Blue Heart off her latest album, Birds. It's a real foot-stomper and deserves to be released as a single, very catchy. You can hear the songs on Birds by visiting Bic's website here.

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