Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to college; search for cheese abandoned

Yesterday was induction day for the new Screen Academy Scotland sutdents. I didn't need to go along, but thought it might be useful to see the new facilities, get the guided tour and put some names to faces. Met Miss Read and Andrew Tibbs, both of whom are starting the MA Screenwriting course. Andrew's part-time, so I won't see much of him through the year as he'll be at college on Friday and I'm a year two bod, who go in on Fridays. But I'll be sharing classes with Miss Read, so that's kind of fun.

Arrived half an hour early for the meet and greet with nibbles, so tried to pay my fees for the new academic year. Got sent to reception. Reception sent me to Matriculation. Matriculation sent me to the library, but all the computers were busy. Went back to Matriculation, who sent me to room B55. Couldn't find B55 anywhere, so tried C55 and D55 is case I misheard. After quarter of an hour wandering in increasingly frustrating circles, I wandered though an engineering department and found myself back at - you guessed it - Matriculation! Felt like a lab rat in an experiment, searching for the cheese.

Eventually found B55, a room cunningly disguised by being unsigned and unlabelled in any way, shape or form. Must be Napier University's equivalent of the Secret Garden, but with the garden replaced by an airless, computer-filled chamber choked by body odour. Smells like teen spirit? Nope, more like geek locker room. By the time I logged on and found the relevant page to pay online, I discovered I didn't have the one number I needed to pay my fees. So, that was a colossal waste of time.

I did get some nibbles and a tour of the new facilities, but in all honesty they are mostly meant for directors and editors. All writers need is a place to write, some talent and inspiration. So, I wiped out an entire day when I could have been working and progressing the novel. Something of a pisser. Let's hope this isn't a foretaste of what I can expect from the second year of my MA.

Emailed River City to check for progress on the sample scenes I submitted at the start of September. Alas, the show is double-banking again and, understandably, that how to be the production team's first priority. It was the same when I worked on 2000 AD and the Megazine. Yes, you want to be actively finding, nurturing and encouraging new talent - but your day-to-day job is getting the comic out. So it is with River City and Doctors and all other TV dramas they are kind enough to offer opportunities to newbies like me. The show comes first, second and third.

Right, back to the novel. Lots to do and little time in which to do it. Away, tempting diversion we call blogging!


AndrewT said...

Was also good to meet you for the first and probably (but hopefully not) only time. I'm sure I'll be in on Fridays occasionally... Hopefully see you Thursday night if you're coming along for the social thingy.

Laura said...

I need to remember about the social thingy, myself.

Was good to meet you, David, though I apologise if I was quiet and/or moaning a lot. My head was very sore, and it was a strangely stressful day for me, all told.

Looking forward to starting proper, anyway!