Friday, September 22, 2006

Apparently, I now run Sony Home Entertainment

Well, not me personally, you understand but somebody who is also called David Bishop. According to various online sources, "Sony Pictures Home Entertainment worldwide president Ben Feingold last week left the position he held for 12 years and was replaced by David Bishop, the head of Sony's North American division. Bishop has plenty of experience going into his new role. He was the president of MGM Home Entertainment before its merged with Sony and had been with MGM for 15 years." So, do I get a company car? A big salary hike? [or, for that matter, a salary at all?] A Playstation 3?

This is what comes of having a name that's common as much. There are David Bishops evrywhere, much like that scene in Being John Malkovich where everybody looks like John Mlakovich. Besides the new head of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment worldwide, there's also a David Bishop who manages Pat's Pizza in Auburn, a David Bishop who is VP of Nanotechnology Research at Bell Labs and a David Bishop who specialises in food photography. Plus many, many more. David Bishops, we are legion. Join us!

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W. R. Logan said...

the power behind Sony or another D.B.

Fussy and conservative, David Bishop inherited every bit of his father Harold's traits and mannerisms.