Monday, August 28, 2006

US gets Lewis on DVD first?

The Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis was broadcast in America during July, six months after its UK debut screening on ITV. However, it seems the US is getting the chance to buy Lewis on DVD before British consumers. is listing a September 12 release for the Region 1 DVD, featuring the rather nifty cover shown above. The Region 2 release has been postponed several times and is now scheduled for Janary 2007. Lewis was a ratings success for ITV in January and there was talk of commissioning four more murder mysteries for the character to solve, but all has been quiet since February. Anybody out there know what's happening with Lewis?


richblogger said...

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

The US have had the Doctor Who 'Key to time DVD's for a fair few tears now,still no sign of them getting over here !

Ian Dickerson said...

Broadcast Magazine's Green Light facility has an entry dating from Feb this year which says ITV are looking to develop 4 more installments.

Given all the turmoil at ITV they could well have slipped off the schedule but I suspect that's unlikely given the high profile of the show.

My guess is they're still being scripted.

Anonymous said...

Lewis is now being aired in britain...just in case you didn't know. Cracking stuff!