Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sarah Jane Investigates - coming soon?

The BBC's in-house newspaper Ariel yesterday went public with news about a show that's long been rumoured. Children's channel CBBC is developing a Doctor Who spin-off series features the adventures of investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith. The character played by Elisabeth Sladenwas a companion of the Doctor for three years in the 1970s and got reintroduced in a recent episode of the new series called School Reunion.

There's no mention of Sarah's robot dog sidekick K9, but the rights for metal mutt are held by its creators, Bob Baker and Dave Martin - not the BBC. Indeed, it was recently announced a K9 series was in development for the Jetix network of satellite and digital channels. All of which begs the question: if SJS does get her own series, will she have the services of K9? Perhaps the programme makers will opt for giving Sarah two human assistants, a sort of New Avengers combo - a bruiser for the action sequences, and an intelligent one for the obligatory computer hacking and exposition.

Or perhaps not.

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