Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A nugget of purest Green

Went to see Scritti Politti play last night in Edinburgh as part of the T On The Fringe concerts in the festival. Been a long, long, long time since I've been a gig without seating, proof of how old I've become. But it was joyous night, with Green in sweet, beautiful voice and a room full of love for him and his music. Well, if you don't count the arsehole who kept shouting out for the band to play Scritti Politti's hits from the 1980s. There's always one. Despite him, a gorgeous concert - lovely.

Support act was My Latest Novel, a serious bunch who could do with learning a little banter - or, at least, how not to mumble. And the occasional chorus might be nice. Green may opt for the verse, verse, verse, bridge, verse, stop structure sometimes, but I counted one chorus in seven songs by My Latest Novel. A bit of Charles Ives influence in one track. Some interesting music, but not many hooks on which to hand your appreciation. Still, I'm off to search iTunes, see if they're any better in the studio.

Best moment of the night? The Sweetest Girl, a song I never thought I'd hear Scritti Politti perform live. So, that's one less ambition to achieve. 993 to go.

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