Friday, August 11, 2006

Now That's What I Call Elating

Get my groove well and truly on today. Progressed my current project [TPO book, see below] by more than 7000 words in a day, getting me back on schedule and nudging past the halfway point at the same time. Pleasantly surprised to get the application form for TAPS' scriipt editing workshop in my email inbox. As whispers had suggested, the workshop will probably be some time in October - a bit of a nightmare month for me. But I'll almost certainly apply and cross my fingers. A clash of dates will be utterly irrelevant if I don't get selected, but I'd be well irked if I was fortunate to be chosen and events elsewhere put the kibosh on it. Well irked!

In other news, I am now officially a member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain. My membership card turned up today, along with a pile of papers I haven't had a chance to read yet [7000 words in a day will have that effect, natch]. I was kind of hoping for a secret decoder ring that would guarantee work as a professional broadcast writer, but maybe that comes later. Anyway, I'm kosher and can hold my head up high as I waft into BAFTA next month for the Guild's Interactive Writing event. Assuming my flight isn't cancelled down to London isn't cancelled by more madness and mayhem.

Sigh. What times we live in, eh?

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Barry said...

I hope that Ace Garp gets a mention in this Thrill Power Overload or I'll be writing to the, err, editor.