Thursday, August 10, 2006

Andrew Orton is a fecking genius

Andrew Orton is a graphic designer. Just for fun, he started creating mock-ups of movie posters for various Doctor Who stories, from both the new and old series. You can see them for yourselves by going here, but above and below is a selection of my favourites - enjoy!


AndrewT said...

My favourite, though not sure who did it, appeared in DWM a few years ago - The Horror of Fraggle Rock! Much joviality had all round over that one.

andrew orton said...

Haha David, thanks for enjoying them! I'm amazed you started this though, I'm sure I'm not that impressive!

andrew orton


Paul Greaves said...

I'd love to visit, as Andrew's artwork is amazing - however his site has exceeded its bandwidth (or something)...

myshed said...

These are amazing - as are Andrew's movies.

Is there any way I can contact Andrew? I'd like to hire him for some work.


(a fan)