Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane = Mean Machine

For those of you who don't read 2000 AD [shame on you!] or didn't see the Judge Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone [insert your own commentary here], there's a long-running character who head-butts his enemies. Mean Machine Angel even has a dial on his head, controlling his anger via four settings: 1 is Mean, 2 for Surly, 3 equals Vicious and 4 begets Brutal. Judging by last night's World Cup action, Zidane was set to at least a 3. [At least he didn't get his dial set on 4.5, as sometimes happens to Mean - that would have sent the French footballer into an uncontrollable butt-frenzy.]

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Dan said...

He-Man had a similar character called Ram-Man (genius).

What came first? Ram-Man, Mean Machine Angel, Zidane, Chicken, egg?