Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gary Russell departs Big Finish

The Big Finish website reports that Gary Russell is stepping down from his role as producer of Doctor Who audio adventures after eight years. Nicholas Briggs is assuming creative responsibility for the range as Executive Producer, while Sharon Gosling is taking on administrative and organisational responsibility for all of Big Finish's output. Gary will continue directing audio dramas for the company.

The new TV series of Doctor Who may attract all the publicity these days, but it was largely Big Finish that kept the programme alive in recent years - and Gary Russell was a massive part of that. He produced, directed and script-edited the vast majority of Big Finish's output, giving numerous writers their first professional credit and employed literally hundreds of actors. I know my own writing has improved significantly as a consequence of scripting Big Finish projects, although I only got to work with Gary on one story, Sarah Jane Smith: Test of Nerve. But many of the best things about that story are due to Gary, such as the subtle yet perfect title.

Best of luck on whatever you do next, Gary!

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