Saturday, July 01, 2006

First of July and the rest of the year's full.

Don't want to put the curse on a project by naming it before paperwork's been signed, but it's looking like my 17th or 18th novel is coming together. The inspecificity stems from the fact a publication date hasn't been set for this book, so it could come out before [or after] the novel I was commissioned to write at the start of June. The definite tome is due the end of November, the putative paperback has the end of September as its theoretical deadline. The definitive book is 95,000 words, the as-yet uncontracted novel will be either 70k or 95k if it happens.

Throw THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD: The History of 2000 AD, the Galaxy's Great Comic into the mix [due end of August, 120k words] and the rest of 2006 is officially full. Around 300,000 words to be written in the next five months, a mix of fiction and non-fiction. That's not counting scripting The Phantom for Egmont Sweden, course work for my Screenwriting MA and a few other projects currently bubbling away in the background.

The rest of 2006 is looking rather busy. Time to get my skates on!

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