Friday, July 14, 2006

Design trash, functioning pancreas and somesuch

Among the many joys of SiteMeter is it lets you see the referring pages that led visitors to your blog. So, when routine bites hard and ambition is low, I go visiting. Today I found myself in a wild variety of strang eplaces. The image above is borrowed from this blog, and seems to be a rejected T-shirt design. Shame, as I kinda like it.

Other blogs I wandered across this morning: Ang-ang, the diary of a fashion model wannabe in the Philippines whose top three goals are 1. No more laziness 2. No more w**king and 3. Exercise regularly; and The Art of J. Pagan, where the groovy picture below originates. All these talented people, all detailing their progress in public. It's like the people of the world pasted pages from their journals in the sky. Or somesuch.

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