Monday, July 10, 2006

1500 videos from the 1980s

Having spent my teenage years in the 1980s [yes, I am that old], I pine for the days when music videos seemed like transmissions from the planet cool. But when I watch them now - yikes! Anyway, here's a link to a website that purports to host links for 1500 music clips from that decade. Quality varies wildly and many of the links don't work, but many do. Here's a few worth having a look at, either for the music, the clip or the ludricrous combination of both.

USA For Africa: We Are the World - worth it solely for Cyndi Lauper
Paul Young: Come Back and Stay - see Paul jump! See Paul perform magic!
Poision: Every Rose Has Its Thorn - poodle rock a-go-go
David & David: Welcome to the Boomtown - obscure pair, naff video, not bad song
Haysi Fantaysee: Shiny Shiny - what is she wearing?
Tanita Tikarim: Twist in My Sobriety - a clip so sepia I keep expecting the Spanish Civil War to break out
The Sisters of Mercy: This Corrosion - why Goths are silly
The Motels: Total Control - compelling live performance
The Special A.K.A.: Free Nelson Mandela - the dancers have rubber for legs
Neneh Cherry: Manchild - not one for sea sickness sufferers
Re-Flex: the Politics of Dancing - savour the bass player's bad hair
Paula Abdul: Straight Up - she can dance, though not necessarily for inspiration

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