Thursday, June 29, 2006

Omnibuses: three come along at once

Those lovely people at Black Flame have obviously got omnibus fever. Not only are my trilogy of Nikolai Dante novels being collected under one cover in the New Year, but my three [throat] ripping yarns featuring the Fiends of the Eastern Front are also getting the big book treatment. Before then Black Flame is gathering the first three tales in its A Nightmare on Elm Street series in a single volume, including my story Suffer the Children. That book will be a monster in every sense, more than 1000 pages long [no matter what may suggest in its advance listing]. Click the links at right to find out more...

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AndyDecker said...

You know, I really hate this when publishers do this.

As a reader I have faithfully bought a series or a writer or even a novel-theme, paid the rather high british paperback prices - and a couple of month after vol.3 you get the comparably cheap omnibus edition. Great. Just great.

And the current omnibus-mania at Black Flame is sending mixed signals. Have the books sold so good that these are new imprints or did they just gave tons of unsold novels a new cover and a new binding?