Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My first radio play is broadcast today: panic sets in

As I type these words there are two hours until my first radio play is broadcast by the BBC [see posts below for relevant links, etc]. Having emailed the world and his civil ceremony partner, am now convinced the play in questioned is utter pap and I'll never be allowed on the radio again. At least I can't suffer a long, dark teatime of the soul about this, as Island Blue: Ronald is on at 10.45am on Radio 4 - so have opted for long, dark morning tea of the soul instead. Actually need to do some work today, but doubt that will be possible until after the play's been broadcast. Perhaps I'll tidy the house while I'm waiting, or bite my nails, or buy obscure cover versions on iTunes to kill some time.

Favourite obscure cover version of the week: Gnarls Barkley tackling The Violent Femmes' Gone Daddy Gone. Second place goes to The Violent Femmes covering T Rex's Children of the Revolution. And the bronze medal is taken by Litmus doing Joy Division's Atmosphere. In an ideal world, that last track would have accompanied Island Blue: Ronald, particularly the last two minutes of the play. But, as we all know, this is not an ideal world.

More's the pity.

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Debbie said...

Great play. Really enjoyed it on listen again.
Good luck with future projects.
Debbie A