Friday, June 16, 2006

Holiday... celebrate... holiday... celebrate!

Somehow, we always end up going on holiday during the World Cup. Four years ago we were in, um... [reaches over to passport, flicks through the pages to find the relevant immigration stamp] ...Madeira as England scored a penalty to get past Argentina and into the quarter finals. Four years before that we were in France as France hosted the 98 World Cup. Getting served in a restaurant on any night France was playing wasn't easy, you'd almost think the staff were distracted by something.

1994? I think we rented a cottage in Wales for our holiday that year, but before the World Cup started. Holiday cottages in Wales always seemed to coincide with the World Snooker Championships. 1990? I'd only just arrived in the UK from New Zealand, was still freelancing and couldn't afford to have holidays. Anyway, it's 2006 and we're off to France again. Fortunately, this World Cup is being hosted by Germany, so the service in French restaurants shouldn't be quite so slow - especially as France aren't playing that well so far.

Managed to finish off all my deadline-sensitive jobs yesterday, including the final script for FIENDS OF THE EASTERN FRONT: Stalingrad. After months of penury I've spent the past few weeks earning some money, so that takes the stress out of the holiday. Now I've just got to finish packing, tidying and back-up the computer. Other than that, should be a nice, relaxed day.

Unsurprisingly, I won't be blogging while on holiday. The plan is to relax, eat some cheese, drink some wine and catch up on a year's worth of fiction reading. Thanks to all those who made suggestions of good books, I'll try to pick up a couple at the airport en route. I'll be back by Monday, June 26th, so everybody play nice while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Have a good one. Your blog is a must-read. I'll miss getting an insight into the life of a freelancer while you're away.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Have a great time!