Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why life is like an end to end game of football

The last few days have been crazed, sprinting from one thing to another, like a football match where both sides through caution to the wind and opt for all out attack. Saturday was a 16-hour round trip to Edinburgh for Adrian Mead's Pitching Seminar [see my previous entry, below]. Sunday was consumed by the dress and technical rehearsal for our local musical, Sweet Charity. A sudden bereavement meant we lost a key cast member, requiring the invention of a contingency plan some 48 hours from opening night. Monday was all about painting the set, designing the programmes and getting them printed. Yesterday was a double-header involving driving to Pencaitland for the recording of my first BBC Radio play [more on that in a forthcoming post], getting to hear the read-through and first scene, before racing back to Biggar for Sweet Charity's opening night. We got through the show without major mishap, the cast and crew did me proud. Then up at six this morning to go running with the better half as she continues training for the Run For Life event for Cancer Research UK.

I am utterly, utterly knackered. But I need to get some work today, find time for a bath and gouge out some reserves of energy for tonight's performance. This is going to be a long, tough week.

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