Saturday, May 13, 2006

Somewhere, James Garner is smiling

It's official: Britain's TV schedulers have taken the afternoon off. Perhaps they're enjoying the sunshine outside, or mowing the lawn, or washing the car. Perhaps they're watching the FA Cup final between Liverpool and West Ham - or, if they were in Scotland, the Scottish Cup Final between Hearts and second division minnows Gretna [go, Gretna!]. One thing is for certain: the TV schedulers ain't watching TV today.

How can I tell? Because BBC 2 and ITV are both showing episodes of The Rockford Files - at the same time. I guess I should be grateful they're showing different episodes [I think they're different episodes - let's face it, when you've seen one episode of The Rockford Files, you've seen them all], but it still reveal a lack of imagination or effort that beggars belief.

In other news, Big Brother starts on Thursday. Silly season has officially begun...

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James Swallow said...

Sometimes I wonder about the people who schedule tv shows; surely they must be tempted to screw around with things just for giggles?
I remember when C4's "Space Cadets" spoof was on and some bright spark at ITV put the movie "Capricorn One" up against it. Coincidence or wry comment?