Friday, May 26, 2006

Phew! Studio 60 saved from slot of doom

NBC has blinked first, shifting the new series from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin to a different night in the autumn 2006 TV schedule. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was originally scheduled for Thursday nights on American TV at 9, pitting it against the hugely popular but familiar CSI. Then another network upped the ante and pitched its sudsy medical drama Grey's Anatomy into the same hour, creating the televisual equivalent to a World Cup Group of Death.

Against CSI, Sorkin's new comedy drama could expect to finish a decent second. Up against CSI and Grey's Anatomy, the show faced almost certain doom, with pundits doubting it would still be on air come the crucial sweeps season in November when ratings determine future advertising spend - and survival. So Studio 60 has been shifted to Monday nights at 10, where it'll face CSI's Miami iteration. That's still a strong show but the competition is not nearly so cutthroat as Thursday night. With any luck [and assuming the show's any good], Sorkin's new creation has a chance to being round long enough to generate a DVD boxed set...

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