Monday, May 22, 2006

From Brambostel to Viareggio [via Wakayama]

I heart Site Meter. When ennui takes hold [as Joy Division almost sang], I click the little Site Meter logo on this blog. It transports me to a page when I can find a world map showing the locations of the last 100 people to view the blog. Don't fret, I'm not planning to come round and ask you marketing questions, this is just for fun, kids. I suspect the actual location is more about where your ISP's server is based, rather than your own home town. Anyway, here's my top ten place names from the last hundred people to visit this blog...

10. Concord - cool name, cool plane
9. Round Rock - nicely evocative
8. Invercargill - sounds Scottish, actually at the foot of New Zealand
7. Woking - where The Jam came from
6. Brambostel - sounds like a horror writer
5. Old Saybrook - a random collection of words, masquerading as a place name
4. Viareggio - absolutely Italian
3. Burgos - this just makes me hungry
2. Jyvskyl - no vowels required to live here
1. Wakayama - top name of the day, this tickles the funnybone delightfully

1 comment:

Optimistic_Reader said...

I've been marvelling lately at the bizarre google searches that take people to my page.

Viareggio just sounds too much like Viagra to me.