Monday, May 01, 2006

Enya on crack - the movie!

For the screenwriters [and, like me, wannabe screenwriters] who read this blog, may I heartily recommend the online musings of Christopher Lockhart. He's Executive Story Editor at leading Hollywood talent agency ICM and has quite the track record for recognising good scripts and great writers.

You can check out his blog by clicking the headline above or pasting this URL into your browser: In the meantime, here's a small sample to whet your appetite:

I recently attended the Sacramento Film Festival, where some nice gentleman pitched me a metaphysical drama told through the mind’s eye. It didn’t make any sense but his passion for the project was apparent.

He pitched this in front of 150+ people – none of whom understood the new age rant either. It only got worse when I asked him who he pictured in the starring role, and he answered, “All of us.”

I don’t think even Enya on crack would see the movie potential here.

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