Thursday, April 20, 2006

Send in The Badger

And then there were five. I speak, of course, about Britain's version of The Apprentice. Nine of the original 14 contestants have now been ceremonially culled by Sir Alan Sugar, leaving four contenders and Syed. It's a miracle Syed has got this far, but his time must be coming soon, surely. Meanwhile Ruth "Send in The" Badger continues to impress. She looks like she could play linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, but she could sell sand castles to sheiks. I've got my fingers crossed for Ruth, but fear her heart could be broken before the show finishes in three weeks' time.

Arse, I've just realised the final episode clashes with a performance night for Sweet Charity, the musical I'm directing and appearing in at the Biggar Theatre Workshop. Thank Sony for my DVD recorder.

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