Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Searching for Michael Fleisher

I'm trying to track down a clutch of creators who have contributed to legendary British science fiction title 2000 AD over the year. Some date back to the weekly's earliest years in the 1970s, while others were active contributors to the comic in the early 1990s. There are a few more who were part of 2000 AD's editorial team at various times, or who were responsible for overseeing the comics's content. [The photographs above illustrate a visit by the Duke of Edinburgh to 2000 AD's Command Module during the late 1970s. Among those pictured with the Duke are bearded editor Kelvin Gosnell and the weekly's management overseer, Bob Bartholomew, while IPC's comics publisher John Sanders lurks in the background.]

So, if you know the whereabouts of the individuals listed below, please contact me via one of my email addresses: david@davidbishop.co.uk - here's the list in full...

Tom Tully, writer
Alan Hebden, writer
Hilary Robinson, writer
Michael Fleisher, writer
Peter Milligan, writer
Roy Preston, 2000 AD editorial staff
Bob Bartholomew, IPC publishing staff
John Purdie, IPC publishing staff


Paul Scoones said...

It might be blindingly obvious, but have you run these names through Google? I just did a trial search on "John Purdie"+editor and came up with several promising leads (could he now be the MD of Senator Homes Ltd in Carlisle for instance?). I've been very successful in tracking down and making contact with many distant members of the Scoones family using Google.

James Mackay said...

Hi David -

Have sent you the Roy Preston details through 2000adonline, let me know via james 'AT' pointdc (dot) com if they haven't come through.