Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Read the book, see the film, eat the pie

This is genius. Somebody has taken every letter of the song lyrics to Bright Eyes [from the film Watership Down] and - using the power of anagrams - turned them into the recipe below. See more such madness by clicking the headline.

WARNING: What follows is probably not for animal lovers or vegetarians, otherwise they also have a sick sense of humour...

This dish needs:

One dewy-eyed wiggly-eared bunny (how adorable)
One huge onion
One sizeable celery stalk

First catch your rabbit. Horribly slaughter the tiny bastard with a great big huge hammer, skin and wash her gory dead body. Soak the bunny (without her head) under brine in the fridge all night. Dry, stew with highly diced celery/onion (a good two or three hours), before hewing the soggy meat from her smashed bones and laying it on your thirty-centimetre dish, while lightly salting. Add gravy*, top with the bikkies then bake (I suggest three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, one whole hour in duration).

*GRAVY needs:
Hen bouillon and seasoning
One (not-so-big) onion
Boil stock, bouillon, onion. Strain. Thicken with flour and water, season.

Yield: eight good helpings.

Afterwards, why not try a good haunch of venison?
First we slaughter Bambi, then...

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