Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Yes, that's the sound of me walking. Turned my ankle over last night during rehearsals for Sweet Charity and am now somewhat less mobile than usual. Certainly haven't broken anything, but my right foot is stiff and sore and doesn't like taking my weight for any length of time. So I'm taking anti-inflammatories, trying to keep my foot elevated and fretting about whether I'll have recovered before the run begins - two weeks from today. Argh. So much still to do and now I'll have to shout from the sidelines, rather than pitching in personally. Time to hone my delegation skills, methinks.

In other news, my radio play has achieved final draft status. Producer David Ian Neville sent me the latest version, incorporating a few tweaks to establish continuity across the five plays [of which mine is the third, to be broadcast on a Wednesday]. He also made a couple of other minor dialogue changes, all of which improved the final script - only wish I'd thought of them myself! Still, I'm very happy with the script - it's still the core story I pitched back in December but is now much improved, and I've learned a lot over the four drafts it took to reach this status. The play is due in the recording studio in a fortnight [the same day as Sweet Charity opens, natch!] and will be broadcast as part of Woman's Hour in early June. Don't worry, I'll be boring you all with exact details of how and when to hear it.

Today I shall mostly be writing The Phantom. After a week of mulling, I finally figured out how to turn the plot supplied to me into a script. I always like to have a strong, striking opening and have now [hopefully] identified that. I've started near the end of the story, creating [hopefully, again] mystery and intrigue while setting up several plot points for the resolution. Now the script is plunging back 11 years in time to where the story begins...

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