Monday, April 10, 2006

Lewis DVD postponed

It seems the DVD release of Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis has been postponed. Up until last week online retailers amazon and play both had the Region 2 disc due out today, April 10. But now amazon is suggesting a release day of July 8 while play is talking about December this year! No doubt the truth may resemble one of those dates, but not both. It did seem rather odd to rush release the special less than three months after the special was first broadcast, even taking into account the impressive ratings Lewis garnered back in January. With plans afoot for a series of four Lewis specials to be shot this summer and screened next January, it makes more sense to hold back the DVD release until later in the year, when it can act as a stalking horse for the new series.

In the meantime, I've signed off the final pages on the new edition of The Complete Inspector Morse: From the Original Novels to the TV Series. With any luck, the mighty tome should be in the shops sometime in the next few weeks. Don't believe any online retailers whose sites state the book had already been published - they are wrong. Yes, the new edition was originally due out by March 31 this year, but got delayed a month to enable some last minute tweaks and twiddles. The interior pages look great, very classy, and the whole thing now runs to almost 300 pages - my kind of hardback. If you want to order a copy, click the link at right or the headline on this post.

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