Friday, April 21, 2006

Her name's Smith. Sarah Jane Smith.

The forthcoming issue of DWM interviews Elisabeth Sladen, who returns to the new Doctor Who TV series as Sarah Jane Smith later this month. The character was a travelling companion for the 3rd [Jon Pertwee] and 4th [Tom Baker] Doctor in the mid-1970s. She returned to the show in 1983 for its 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors. Now, nearly quarter of a century later, Sarah Jane Smith is coming back to TV - and she's bringing robot dog K-9 with her. You said nostalgia isn't all it used to be?

The DWM feature should make for interesting reading, especially after all the work that went into the Sarah Jane Smith audio dramas. But Lis was probably interviewed on set, and since the TV episode was filmed before the Big Finish plays were recorded, I'm guessing they probably won't get much of a mention, if any. Hey ho. I've now had a chance to hear the fourth and final story in the series, Dreamland. It's quite emotional stuff, with a lot of emphasis on character, rather than the usual race against time plotting I tend to write.

For the most part Dreamland's been well received online, but the ending has polarised listeners. I won't spoil it here by describing what happens, but the final moments have definitely produced a love it or hate it response. I suspect those who hate it might grow to appreciate what we were trying to achieve - and some will never forgive us. I was hoping the way the script was written left the ending open to each listener's imagination and interpretation. Apparently, that's not enough for some people. As a wise person once said, you can't please all the people all the time. That may have become a cliche, but it still happens to be true.

Right, time to pack a suitcase as I'm off to the Crime Writers' Association annual conference. This year it's being held in Ireland, so I'm flying to the emerald isle this afternoon for a weekend of murder, mystery and intrigue. Should make for an interesting contrast to the science fiction convention Concussion in Glasgow last weekend!

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