Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, the San Diego Padres have started the new baseball season playing the way I've been feeling of late: like crap. After winning their opening game, the Padres lost four in a row. They're gotten one back with a win over Florida, but 2 and 4 is not the best way to get a season started. My health this week has been much the same. Felt okay on Monday morning, ready to do some productive work. By late Monday afternoon the wheels were starting to come off, as I sucked the Olbas pastilles like they were going out of fashion. Got through a production meeting for the musical I'm directing [Sweet Charity - not a show people tend to recognise instantly, but you'll know several of the songs anyway: Rhythm of Life, If They Could See Me Now, Hey Big Spender]. Came home, collapsed into bed and stayed there for the next 36 hours. By ten this morning my hips hurt so much I had to get up, so I went downstairs and listened to the commentary on my In The Line of Fire DVD. Nothing like hearing people talk about assassins to perk you up. Feeling better this afternoon, but still not at my peak.

In case you're wondering about the picture, it's a spoof of the album cover for George Michael's Faith, featuring camp vampire comics character Devlin Waugh. The artist is the unfeasibly talented Sean Phillips. No great reason for posting the picture here, but, you know, what the hell. Shockingly, it's ten years since the image was published on the back cover of the 1996 Judge Dredd Megazine. Ten years! Times like this I wish I was better at Yiddish, now there's a language that can do exclamations...

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