Saturday, March 18, 2006

What's on the desert menu?

I heart Apple's movie trailers web page. It's amazing how often you can deduce how bad a car crash a film is going to be simply by seeing the trailer. Of course, some trailers utterly fail to sell a great film and some trailers [especially for comedies] do a great job of hiding how bad a film is. But, generally speaking, a halfway decent trailer tells you all you need to know about a film. Best of all, a great trailer can get you interested in a film for which you'd normally have no time or inclination to find out more.

Trailers for A Scanner Darkly seem to have been round for ages, but the film itself isn't far away now. What to know more? Click the headline on this posting and check out the latest trailer for yourself. Alas, the combination of mind-warping sci-fi and Keanu makes this seem like cartoon version of The Matrix, but I think it'll be a very different proposition from that. As always, the presence of Robert Downie Jr adds something to a film it could never achieve otherwise, the guy is a human wild card.

Ditto Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mission Impossible III - now that's some savvy casting. The fact he nabbed the Oscar for Capote ain't gonna hurt either, but he's always been a class act - Magnolia, Dead Poet's Society, you know it, he's improved almost every film he's been in and rarely gives a bad performance.

Most disturbing trailer on the Apple site? Hard Candy. That looks... worrying.

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