Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Post 101 meets Room 101

In the UK there's a TV show called Room 101 where minor celebrities talk for 25 minutes about the things they hate. If they convince the programme's host, the offending item is put into Room 101 - a bottomless hell from which nothing ever returns. The Room 101 concept is loosely inspired by the same numbered chamber in George Orwell's novel 1984, where prisoners are taken for merciless interrogation. Anyway, since this is my 101st posting on this blog, here's a few of the things that I hate...

Brussel sprouts - a vile, pointless vegetable that tastes as bad as cabbage but in a much more concentrated form.

The Daily Mail - a repugnant, petty-minded newspaper that exudes smugness and a knee-jerk hatred against anything that challenges its pus-riddled worldview.

Bank holiday clip shows - you know the sort of thing, the Top 100 Films that Include the word The in their Title, giving a bunch of pointless individuals the chance to bore us rigid with their banal observations about the bleeding obvious. Get yourself a blog if you want to do that sort of thing!

Endless reruns of The Simpsons - I love The Simpsons, but when BBC2 was screening the show they only seemed to have about 40 episodes to choose from. Now Channel 4 is screening The Simpsons, but they insisted on repeating the same episodes the bloody BBC has already screened half a dozen times. Enough of that bloody Monorail episdoe, already! Enough! Do you hear me? Enough!

Foods that begin with the letter Q - just because. I mean, honestly, how many great foods can you name that begin with the letter Q?


The Cosh said...

Quails Eggs.
Quaxxan Hyperflan.

Not Quorn.

Paul Scoones said...

Qcumber...? :)

Adam McGechan said...

Quorn may be nasty, but quark is nice. For every rule there must be an exception ;-)