Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Our garden has a time delay

There seems to be a two week time delay between what happens in other people's gardens and what happens in our garden. The first day of spring is a week away and we've still got snow drops in full bloom, while the green shoots of daffodils are just now sprouting from the ground. Admittedly, a blanket of snow that fell here over the weekend didn't help matters, but that effects everyone's garden, not just the one outside my window. When I was at college in Edinburgh last week, the daffodils were in full bloom in some gardens. They haven't got that far in our town yet, but even when they do I can guarantee they'll bloom later and last longer in our garden than almost everywhere else nearby. Odd.

Speaking of odd, no sooner had I posted yesterday about how 2006 was turning into My Year of Non-Fiction than an editor phoned to offer me a 95,000 word novel. It's an exciting project, but one that'll require some researching before I can advance it far. Still, what with that, the short story opportunities and my non-fiction tomes it looks like this year will be fairly fertile when it comes to work. Plus there's my MA Screenwriting course to be worked on. Had a good long natter to fellow scribe Big Jim Swallow yesterday about the computer games industry. He's done a fair amount of work in that area and plays a lot of games too. Me, I never got past the Game Boy Advance. Having a competitive nature, I know allowing a Playstation or other console in the house is a recipe for missed deadlines and lack of sleep. So I picked Jim's brain for intel about competitor products to the sort of games ideas I'm mulling over for the Interactive Writing module on the MA course.

Today I need to nail down a few synopsis, send out some ideas and generally get things rolling again. Work ground to a halt last week and I need to find some traction, get the wheels turning again, otherwise finances will suffer come the end of April. Plus I get hinky after a few days if I'm not write. Gotta scribe!

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