Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day of Mourning: Crazy Jo got fired

A nation mourns... last night the most mentalist woman ever got fired from Britain's version of The Apprentice. Her name was Jo and she provided hours of horror-struck entertainment with her crazed cackle, capacity to burst into tears at any moment and whirling dervish personality. Barmy, barmy and barmy were the best ways to sum her up. In her final episode she took to chasing customers around a used car supermarket, to the point where they were running in the opposite direction to escape her. Jo provided many hours of entertainment, enlivening what could have been a rather dull series. Still, she did come back for the excellent spin-off show The Apprentice: You're Fired. If you didn't see that, you missed a treat - yes, she is apparently that large as life outside the confines of the main show.

Me, I want to put my money on Ruth, but worry she may lack the all round business savvy to reach the final. Still, she closes a sale like a piranha closes its jaw on a tasty morsel of flesh. That woman could sell sandcastles to sheiks. A bonus highlight of last night's instalment was the fact the winning team's members got in to an abusive screaming match with each other while enjoying the reward. That lot could pick a fight in a cemetary. Of them, head hunter Paul looks the man most likely to succeed. Paul versus Ruth for the job with Sir Alan Sugar? Now, that would be a final.

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Anonymous said...

Jo for Queen.