Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Carry On Dante: new Nikolai novel out, earns praise

My 14th novel has just been published and it's already gotten a glowing critique from the www.2000adreview.co.uk website. NIKOLAI DANTE: HONOUR BE DAMNED! is an original story based on a series published in Britain's legendary science fiction weekly 2000 AD. For those who don't know Dante already, Nikolai is a brigand and an adventurer from 27th Century Russia. think Flashman in the future, or imagine if Han Solo had gotten the lightsabre instead of Luke Skywalker. I helped develop Dante when the strip was being created for 2000 AD in the mid-1990s and have now written three novels starring the Russian rogue. Honour Be Damned! sends him to future Britain for a right old romp, full of saucy exploits, sexual perversity and scintillating satire. If you want to read the review, past this URL into your browser:
www.2000adreview.co.uk/reviews/ extra/2006/books/dante/honour-be-damned.shtml

Meanwhile, the first of my new Sarah Jane Smith audio drama, Buried Secrets, is attracting plaudits at the influential Outpost Gallifrey website. On the audio forum, 50 people have cast their verdict on the story and thus far 90% have rated it in the top two categories - excellent and good. Only one curmudgeon has decided it was poor and four others think it was average. I think the second of my new SJS audios is due out this week. I still haven't heard Snow Blind yet, so can't wait to get it loaded on to my iPod. Must be more patient, must be more patient...

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