Thursday, January 19, 2006

Unintentional humour

Maybe it's just me, but I found the following sentence [taken from a report on British TV industry trade paper Broadcast] unintentionally funny: "O'Grady's production company, Wildflower, is thought to be already in pre-production with the new C4 show, which is set to launch at 5pm later this year." It's the juxtaposition of pin-point accuracy and airy-fairy vagueness, linked together in just a few words. I mean, I know what the sentence means, but... Oh well, guess it's just me.

Moving right along... If you're a British internet user with broadband who likes Doctor Who [talk about your mutually inclusive parameters], you can go along to and play the interactive adventure Attack of the Graske. Had a go at it this morning, myself, and succeeded - am now waiting for TARDIS to arrive and offer me a permanent place on board. One thing - can't say I go a bomb on the Graske's plan to depopulate Earth one person at a time. Since the human race is still growing, that suggests more people are being born each day than dying. It'll take some serious effort to reverse the population explosion, let alone remove 6 billion people hanging around the place at the moment. I'm honestly not sure the Graske has thought this through. Perhaps they should think about delegating more, perhaps franchise out the plan.

Thought I'd illustrate this entry with an image of the Graske. Instead I found this: Deborah A. Graske, Realtor Associate, who's office is in a place called [yes, honestly] Ho-Ho-Kus. According to her bio [on the website of New Jersey realtors Abbott and Caserta], Deborah Graske has decided to return to the Real Estate profession after spent 18 successful years in the corporate world. She's very proud of her key accomplishments. Deborah's career was highlighted by successfully negotiating and seeking value creating savings, driving down costs and introducing leading edge vendors that resulted in business growth and profits for her employers and customers. Why did this particular Graske decide to return to selling houses and the like? Seems she was longing for friendly person-to-person contacts, the relationship building and truly “hands on” personal approach and involvement that Real Estate sales allow for.

Any similarity between Deborah and Attack of the Graske is entirely coincidental.

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