Thursday, January 05, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

Photo © Big Finish Productions 2005-6
Sorry about the lack of updates here in the last few days. The good news is FIENDS OF THE EASTERN FRONT: Twlight of the Dead is now barrelling along [just as weell, it's due Monday week], and I'm making good progress re-watching all 33 episodes of Inspector Morse while revising my reference tome to Oxford's finest detective. The first from my quartet of new Sarah Jane Smith audios should be published by Big Finish Productions, fingers crossed. You can click the links to the right of this message to find out more about these projects.

Most exciting news of the day is that I've been formally contracted to write a 15 minute play for broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Called Island Blue, it's the Wednesday episode of a five-day serial that'll be heard during Women's Hour this summer. My story is a standalone yarn, but also part of a large story devised by greater creative minds than mine. Gotta say, it's a lovely feeling to finding get my foot in the door of radio drama after several failed attempts - thanks must go to development producer David Ian Neville for his patience. Hopefully, this will be the first of many and a tiny step forward in my career.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, it's back to the Nazis, vampyr and whatnot for me.

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