Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bobby Lee Rodgers doesn't play Depeche Mode

I'm always loathe to recommend something I like to others, simply because my tastes are a tad eclectic. For example: last week I was browsing iTunes for cover versions of Depeche Mode tracks - I've got a fondness for bizarre cover versions of familiar songs and thought a Depeche Mode search might throw up some intriguing offerings. So I did a search for the song title See You, an early Depeche Mode track and a particular favourite of mine. Turns out there's a lot of people who've performed songs called See You, almost none of them covers of the Depeche Mode song.

But my search did lead me to a song called See You by an American performer called Bobby Lee Rodgers. Since I live in Scotland, I'd never heard of BLR but something about the 30 second extract from See You available on iTunes got my attention, so I bought and downloaded the track. It's 79 pence per track here in the UK and I've spent a lot more on a lot less in my life, sadly. Anyway, I loved See You by BLR and decided to find out more, courtesy of the wondrous internet. Bobby's got his own site [www.bobbyleerodgers.com - natch] and you can even listen to See You as an mp3 by clicking the headline for this blog posting. You might like it, you might not, but it's something you might never hear otherwise. Consider it your new experience for a chilly Tuesday...


Gordon said...

Nothing will ever beat Johnny Cash's version of Personal Jesus.

David Bishop said...

His version of 'Hurt' is outstanding, too - especially if you get to see the accompanying video.

Me, I'd rather fond of Marilyn Manson's take on Personal Jesus. And The Cure made a decent stab at World In My Eyes.