Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm dreaming of a white day after the day after xmas

A few flakes of snow have just started to fall here. Can't tell yet whether this is merely a passing flurry, or the leading edge of a more substantial fall. The east of England has already had an inch or two with more to come today and tonight. As always the weather forecast was delightfully vague about how much - if any - of that would reach us here in Biggar. Geographically speaking, we're in the Scottish Borders, although for local government purposes this is part of South Lanarkshire, draggin us into the west of Scotland. Drive half a mile east and you're in the next district council [where the council tax is considerably lower, natch]. So, we're on the border of the Borders, as it were.

Put it this way - I can still see the hills in the distance from my study window, so the snow can't be too heavy.


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