Sunday, December 25, 2005

And so this is Christmas

Before starting at college, I decided there were two gadgets that I wanted, but which I didn't need - a laptop and an ipod. When you work from home, you already have a computer and it plays music perfectly adequately. Why bother with pointless toys, not matter how enticing they might be? Once I decided to go to college, I quickly decided to scrape together the cash necessary to buy a laptop. It seemed like a luxury (and not cheap, especially since I'm an all-things-Apple junkie), but has proved a boon. I type up class notes as they happen, something I never manage to do afterwards on days when I haven't taken my laptop in.

Travelling back and forth on the bus to college, I soon discovered I could neither read nor watch DVDs while sat on a bus. Both activities are fine on planes and trains, but buses and car throw me about too much and the contents of my stomach fight for a quick exit. So I started taking a CD player on bus trips, but it's clunky and heavy and changing CDs is a pfaff.

So, no prizes for guessing what my adorable spouse got me for Christmas. That's right, kids, it's a shiny new black iPod - al singing, all dancing, with video-playing facility and Grud know what else. Can't wait to play with it. Ahh, Christmas - when credit cards come home to roost.

Actually, no, that's January, when the bill arrives...

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