Monday, November 28, 2005

Sarah Jane Smith

Well, it's finally been officially announced, so at long last I can identify the Project That Dare Not Speak It's Name. I am the writer for the second series of SARAH JANE SMITH audio dramas being released on CD by Big Finish Productions early in 2006. Assuming my web fu skills do not entirely desert me, there should be a picture attached to this posting that I took last week at the recording for the third story in the second series, Fatal Consequences. The photo shows Elisabeth Sladen with fellow actors Jacqueline Pearce and Tom Chadborn. Jacqueline is best known for playing Servalan in Blakes' 7 while Tom Chadbon's finest hour (in Doctor Who, at least!) came from his role as Duggan in the classic City of Death. Both feature in SJS Series 2, although the Big Finish omerta prevents me from saying much about their roles.

Anyway, am absolutely knackered after a madcap week. Hopefully will post more about attending the recording and related matters in the next day or two. Time for some sleep now.


Lee said...

Aww, doesn't she look lovely?

andiandi said...

I sort of only recently discovered big finish and I've only recently turned into a massive Sarah Jane Smith nerd fanboy...I only realised what a nerd I'd become when I rented Bridget Jones Diary just to see what Toby Whithouse(writing the reunion episode)looked like. I googled him but couldn't find any pics. I live in Brisbane and haven't ordered any of the Sarah audios yet but totally intend to.